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Based and designed in Hawaii, the most remote island chain in the world, Aeon Armor was born as a new and innovative alternative to the myriad of masks currently available. Our Maskie is a functional shirt with a built-in mask with multiple features. It is meant to help protect the wearer, and those around them, from potential viral threats while also being extremely convenient and comfortable for long-term wear in any number of situations and settings. 

Our Maskies are made from our ridiculously comfortable, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch AeonTech material that is breathable and extremely comfortable for all day wear. The custom designed, three layerbuilt-in face mask quickly pulls up and rests comfortably over the ears with the specially designed ear openings while the front of the mask sits comfortably over the nose and mouth to prevent it from constantly moving up and down.

Please note, our mask is a three layer cloth face covering intended for general face cover purposes. This mask has not been evaluated by the CDC or FDA and is not a substitute for N95 or any other surgical masks and should not be worn in a medical setting.

There are multiple custom designed pockets including one for a metal nose bridge insert to ensure a more snug fit across the nose as well as a zippered pocket, with an additional stash pocket to store the nose bridge when not in use. 

Whether you wear Aeon Armor while you commute, or at work, while traveling, working out, or just going to the store for supplies, these shirts will have you feeling covered and protected


As a thank you to our frontline workers and teachers we are offering a special discount on all of our items. Please email us at for verification and to receive your special discount. 

In addition, we will also be donating Aeon Armor shirts to as many frontline workers and teachers as we can as a thank you for their incredible and selfless sacrifices they are all making during this time of crisis. To nominate your workplace or one that you know of, please email